Creating classical realist artwork for modern times.

Oil Paintings

Classical academic paintings rendered in oil

The Raven

The Raven

Oil on panel - 24"x 24"

This self portrait embodies the spirit of the artist fearlessly staring straight ahead armed with her faithful mahl stick - a symbol of the trade as well as her own personal and artistic power. She holds it as a queen holds a sceptre, adorned by a black feather hat hence the title: "The Raven". Despite the sleek glossy black elegance of the raven's feathers, one should not forget that it feeds chiefly on carrion. 

Nicholas-Jennings_Alex in Wonderland - Escaping the Rabbit Hole.jpg
cast 3.jpg

Giuliano de' Medicici After Michelangelo

Oil on panel - 18" x 24"

This serves as my first cast painting in my academic studies. 



Oil on panel - 36" x 24"

Viewing the artwork in the Vatican became the catalyst for Icarus - the story of "feathers and wax" and the awareness of one's own humility. Icarus is a painting concerned with being humbled by attempting to emulate nature as a classically trained artist.

Alexandrea-NicholasJennings-The Satyr.jpg

The Satyr

Oil on Panel - 18" x 24"

This painted study investigates the mythological possibilities of possessing both animal and human attributes; the strength of a ram and the intellect of man. 

Steven - Winged King of the Avians.jpg

Steven - King of the Avians

Gold leaf and oil on panel - 36” x 48”

King Steven bravely focuses on his threatened kingdom with his pensive gaze. He is ready for battle 🗡as is evident by his upturned feathered wings and crown of prickly locks reminiscent of a “bird ready to attack”. Albrecht Durer’s “ Knight, Death and Devil” influenced his stance representing both “physical and spiritual” strength. In Durer’s etching, the soldier does not look left nor right.. only forward to the path before him leading to his destination. As an artist, this resonates with me as I too must remain focused and not be derailed by other factors: self doubt, my own mortality... to name a few. Instead I must be strong and determined... I believe this is emoted through King Steven’s affectation. Steven’s strong and slightly beaked nose is one of his many endearing features- it also influenced my bird tessellation design which serves as a flat backdrop to the King. What is a King without gold? Gold leaf is peppered throughout the tessellation creating a visual play between flat shapes and rendered forms in this composition. Varying optical textures and the limited fall palette were influenced by the brisk autumn days of this painting’s conception.

No fear.. King Steven shall conquer ... so must I .