Creating classical realist artwork for modern times.

Oil Paintings

Classical academic paintings rendered in oil

The Raven

The Raven

Oil on panel - 24"x 24"

This self portrait embodies the spirit of the artist fearlessly staring straight ahead armed with her faithful mahl stick - a symbol of the trade as well as her own personal and artistic power. She holds it as a queen holds a sceptre, adorned by a black feather hat hence the title: "The Raven". Despite the sleek glossy black elegance of the raven's feathers, one should not forget that it feeds chiefly on carrion. 

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cast 3.jpg

Giuliano de' Medicici After Michelangelo

Oil on panel - 18" x 24"

This serves as my first cast painting in my academic studies. 



Oil on panel - 36" x 24"

Viewing the artwork in the Vatican became the catalyst for Icarus - the story of "feathers and wax" and the awareness of one's own humility. Icarus is a painting concerned with being humbled by attempting to emulate nature as a classically trained artist.

Alexandrea-NicholasJennings-The Satyr.jpg

The Satyr

Oil on Panel - 18" x 24"

This painted study investigates the mythological possibilities of possessing both animal and human attributes; the strength of a ram and the intellect of man.