Creating classical realist artwork for modern times.

Painted Master Copies

After Caravaggio detail of "Judith Beheading Holofernes"

Judith Frame adjusted.jpg

Work in Progress

The following images illustrate some of the painting stages and techniques that I implemented in my recreation of  Caravaggio's "Judith Beheading Holofernes". Judith's dramatic facial expression, the narrative and stark lighting effects demanded my attention as an artist to investigate this with a paintbrush.

Oil on Panel  - 18" x 24"


The Beginning of Dead Colour

The layering of thick  lead white oil paint serves as a springboard for the layers to follow. The skin will glow in the lights as each subsequent layer is applied over this mask of white contrasting the quiet and subdued nature of the shadows.

Starting Big Form Modelling

I am starting to create the illusion of three dimensional space through the conceptualization of geometric forms found within the face. This slow modelling process is concerned with the large and subordinate forms "turning in space" lending a sense of depth to the work.

First Painting

It is during this part of the process whereby I am closely investigating and copying the anatomical renderings of this portrait to make my Judith look like Caravaggio's. More attention is paid to the accuracy of colour, forms, transitions and blending in comparison to the Dead Colour and Big Form Modelling Stage.