Creating classical realist artwork for modern times.



Artist Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings...

is being acknowledged by the art world having just been named a Finalist in the 13th International ARC Salon Competition(2017). In addition she was a double finalist in December 2017 in the Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition. She had a drawing published in "Strokes of Genius 8" and a half page advertisement in Southwest Art Magazine. She is just getting started. In the past she has appeared in American Artist Magazine (2012) and her self portrait is featured on the package cover for Nitram Charcoal Batons. Alexandrea is only looking forward and not back as she has acquired the new mantra:

“The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me?”

- Ayn Rand

Academically trained as a classical realist for the past nine years Alexandrea is a very proud member of the student body at The Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. It is here where she has gained her understanding of the subtleties found in nature from her dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. These instructors play an integral part of her life as she looks forward to seeing them daily.  

Alexandrea has been a passionate member of the Portrait Society of America since 2007 and has benefited greatly from the lectures, demonstrations and comradery of the event. As an Alumni member, she looks forward to each annual conference with anxious anticipation never to be disappointed.

Alexandrea earned an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of Western Ontario in London. It is at Western University that she also earned an Honours Specialist in Art Education after attending Daemen College in NY State for her Honours Bachelor in Art Education. Needless to say, art has been a pivotal part of her life from her first Light Up Drawing Board, to Fashion Plates and Spiral-Graph. Putting a pencil to paper and a brush to canvas serves as the proverbial air she needs to survive.

Originally from Niagara, her roots run deep for this region and misses the close knit community, picturesque views of nature, vineyards and acreage that surrounded her in her youth. Toronto is now her playground and finds reverence in this cultural hotspot with her manager and husband John Jennings. It is at Western University where they serendipitously met and have been an inseparable team ever since. With a critical but kind eye, John continues to critique while supporting Alexandrea's love for art and art making. His knowledge of art coupled with his savvy computer skills make him an unparalleled part of this team.

Alexandrea continues to hone her skills in life classes as well as the academic program at The ARA in Toronto. Her personal work has taken a drastic turn after suffering a devastating set of personal losses, as she inspects 'the self' (in her “Alex in Wonderland” series) after that first plunge down the rabbit hole. This body of work is deeply personal, whimsical and spiritual all at once, while facilitating a pastel colour palette, vintage icons and antiquities. The brushwork is often looser in these paintings than that found in her academic work, lending itself to the fantastical nature of Wonderland.