Creating classical realist artwork for modern times.

Painted Master Copies

After Bouguereau "Study Of A Woman For Offering To Love"


My First Painted Copy

The philosophy shared amongst many trained artists is that if "one desires to be a master painter then one must copy the masters". I too share in this belief. In emulating a master work, it  allows one to "crawl into the mind of that artist". 


Portrait Weave Canvas vs. Smooth Support Panel

In the beginning I worked on a fine portrait weave canvas however since then I have graduated to painting on much smoother supports as I feel that the tooth of the canvas detracts from the image. Nonetheless, this close up illustrates my point and is a matter of personal aesthetics.


Shape vs. Form

I love this subtle play and juxtaposition of the quiet flatness of the hair coiffed into a chignon and the gradual curvature of the head scarf. As a painter, I adore the witty play of shape and form, light and dark in a composition; they are like jewels in a treasure chest waiting to be discovered.