Creating classical realist artwork for modern times.

Alex in Wonderland Series

The Caucus Race.jpg

The Caucus Race

Oil on Panel - 36" x 48"

Sometimes people expect things that are too demanding and self sacrifice is the result. This painting symbolizes having learned this personal lesson the hard way, struggling out of “the rabbit hole”. Alice always thrives and so will Alex finding herself in a Wonderland of sorts as she manages her own personal issues. Alex is faced with the absurd demands by all of the animals to produce “prizes” after the race as “everyone has won”. As she desperately fumbles through her pockets she realizes that all she has is a handful of candies. There are just enough for everyone but her. They demand that she too must have a prize and a thimble is all that she has left in her other pocket. Alex relates to the absurdities of life's demands and continues on her journey to make herself a priority in it.

pool of tears.JPG

Pool of Tears (Painted Study)

Oil on Panel - 12" x 16"

" I cried so hard for three years that I thought I'd float away". -Alex/Alice

One drink makes you small.

One bite makes you tall. 

Alex finds herself torn between two options. Neither choice being the correct one as both options are flawed.  Forced to make a heartbreaking decision she becomes inconsolable and is surrounded by an ocean of her own tears. 

"Pool of Tears" is a painting representing "time lost" that will never be regained. While drowning in her own sadness Alex has learned an important lesson, "happiness is a choice and the only time that truly exists is now". 

Nicholas-Jennings_Alex in Wonderland - Escaping the Rabbit Hole.jpg
Nicholas-Jennings_Alex in Wonderland - Escaping the Rabbit Hole.jpg

Alex in Wonderland - Escaping the Rabbit Hole

Oil on Panel - 36" x 48"

This inward glance at the "self" depicts a quest to survive a devastating set of personal losses.

Alex was plunged into the rabbit hole where she was convinced there was no way out. She fights to escape this emotional black hole through the practice of painting; this is her "wonderland". 

Alex slowly draws herself out of the rabbit hole into the light again. 

Minutes tick on a faceless watch and she realizes that she must be true to herself as time waits for no one.